Be Positive Each Day: Laura’s Story

Imagine not knowing if you were going to live 6 more months, 6 more years or 6 more decades. Instead of asking yourself if you would do anything differently, ponder about what you would do or perhaps not do at all.

I know what I’d do. I’d hand regret, guilt and anger at the door and enter a world filled with only good stuff like forgiveness, joy and harmony. Of course, I’d spend more time with loved ones, lots more time. And I’d probably order a chai tea more often instead of worrying so much about the calories and cost.

Would I travel the globe, parachute out of a plane or do the things I was either afraid to do or didn’t have time or money to do? Not sure. But I know what I would definitely do. I’d focus on the here and now instead of dwelling on the past I could never change. I’d stop propelling myself too far into the future and get down to writing the book I keep putting off among other things. And forget about lots of plans. Life would be more spontaneous. If I were living life more in the present, I just might jump in the Sound with my clothes on during my daily beach walk because I rarely can stroll by the ocean without wanting to dive in.

Let me tell you about Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager who did just that. Well almost. The body of water she jumped into was a pool and her clothes were white lace and silk satin instead of shorts and a T shirt. At age 36 and married only minutes, Laura and her groom took the plunge into the water and a life together. But this was not a crazy and wild thing to do after a few martini’s. Instead it was a celebration of the joy of living and surviving Laura’s fight with breast cancer.

After two rounds of cancer and a mastectomy, Laura was in remission and life was meant to be lived.  She focused on her vows and a new beginning instead on medications, hair loss and feeling sick. Little did she know that one year later, her husband would face his own battle with lymphoma and down the road she would struggle with one more round of cancer.

Laura poignantly penned her story in a book entitled Swimming On My Wedding Day: My Cancer Journey Through the Seasons and she is truly a woman who lives every day with a Be Positive attitude. When her bones are literally aching and cracking from too much exposure to chemotherapy and radiation, some days are more difficult than others. But she goes on living and will be fulfilling a new dream. In the fall, Laura will enter the Yale Divinity School and begin her studies in theology.  According to Laura, “Loving and living each day - with care - is the answer, no matter what happens tomorrow.”

Congratulations Laura, you are woman who has bloomed and an inspiration to what it means to Be Positive.

Laura’s story and more women who have bloomed will be highlighted at Bloom Talk on April 30th at the Blackstone Library in Branford CT. Part of the proceeds of each ticket goes to Breast Cancer Network of Strength. Get tickets

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2 Comments on "Be Positive Each Day: Laura’s Story"

  1. Herwinder Ahuja on Wed, 29th Apr 2009 3:22 pm 

    Wonderful inspirational story! Loved it and I am proud of you for helping so many of us Bloom!

    God Bless!

    Your friend and a well wisher!

  2. Kathy on Thu, 30th Apr 2009 6:50 am 

    What I’d like to know is how she was able to get medical insurance with all these conditions. Cancer costs a lot of money.

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