From TV Producer to Teacher and Lovin’ It!

How does a six figure television producer from the City step into the shoes of a suburban history teacher? The journey doesn’t happen overnight but it’s actually easier than you think if you Love What You Do.

Renee at her graduation ceremony with teaching certificate in hand.

The happy graduate with teaching certificate in hand.

Let’s backtrack. Renee always loved history. Growing up in a small southern town, she asked the front desk at the local library if they could please get more books. The head librarian marched her over to the history section and insisted she find a book she had not read. “That’s just the point,” said Renee, “From the revolutionary war to the industrial revolution to women’s suffrage, I’ve read them all.”

Fast forward to college with the dream of becoming a history teacher. However, teaching jobs were not in demand at the time and a degree in communications sounded like a safer employable asset. Onto landing a great local TV gig in San Francisco and then hitting the big time and big pay in New York City. Sure Renee was making great money and had a knock out resume, but all that went hand in hand with 24 to 48 hour shifts when the news was hot and working in the fast lane with loads of stress. The pace was hectic and so was her life.

Then Renee had kids and no surprise; her priorities, time and lifestyle changed. But I found out one thing did not change after all those years. She still loved history and read every historical fiction and non-fiction book she could get her hands on. And she never forgot about her dream to become a teacher. So we explored how Renee could actually live her dream and make it happen while many other changes were happening in her life such as a divorce, moving towns and setting up a new household. By the way, devouring information on a topic or activity is a big hint to Love What You Do.

With the odds against her, a single mom with a full time job raising a busy elementary schooler and a special needs kid, Renee took the bold move last fall. She applied and was accepted into a teaching accreditation course that would consume 3 weekends of every month for one year, homework in between and 6 weeks of student teaching without pay.

With the year over and her teaching certificate in hand, even she wonders how she did it. “It wasn’t easy but just give me kids and a topic in history and I’m in heaven. It’s what I’ve been waiting for my whole life and I’m finally here,” gleams the new graduate.

Renee planted her seed to Love What You Do and it grew because she was able to shift what was important in her life, make a plan and move forward. And now she’s blooming.

How about you? Tell me what you would love to do and I’ll just bet you there’s a way to get there.

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