Busy Career Mom Creates “My Life” Baby Journal

June 17, 2009 by Barb Scala  
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Jennifer always loved to write. As a child, she would spend time copying special poems and sayings into a notebook and kept a detailed journal of a 6 week trip to Italy when she was just sixteen. And even though she pursued a technical degree in college and landed a corporate job, her work always involved some type of writing.

"Creating my baby journal took baby steps"

"Creating my baby journal took baby steps"

As life went on with career demands and starting a family, her passion for writing was put aside. But that all changed a few days after her son Christopher was born when Jennifer decided to write about her experience from the first labor pain to bringing the new baby home. Once she started writing she couldn’t stop and chronicled every milestone, every event, every new activity and life event that happened in her child’s life. A few years later when her daughter Kaitlyn was born, she did the same thing. Today both of her children have journals that contain the details, memories, and other tidbits of their lives that they will treasure forever.

So enthralled by the keepsakes she made for her children, Jennifer came up with the idea of creating the same experience for other parents who wanted to record the story of their child’s life. But, she didn’t know how she could pull off developing a product and launching a new business venture as a single mom with a special needs child while working full time and finishing an MBA. Where would she find the time? And how would she Organize Her Life?

jcovellow-bookcoversmallerThat’s when I met Jennifer. She was the first person to sign up for my Bloom retreat in the spring of 2007 knowing that she needed a weekend away to breathe and start exploring how to put her project in motion. We talked about her ideas and came up with a plan to begin developing her product while dealing with all of life’s demands. When she returned home, she got down to business and began spending every free moment writing and researching the contents of what would become the “My Life” baby journal.

A year later, I announced another Bloom retreat and again Jennifer was one of the first to respond. Much to my delight, I discovered that she was in the final stages of producing her finished product. Jennifer told me of the journey it took to get to there and about the people she met, the lessons she learned and the hard work that made it all worth while. “I don’t know how I did it, but all I know is that it was a lot of baby steps. And for someone who likes to take giant leaps to the end goal, this was a big lesson for me.”

Jennifer planted her Organize Your Life bloom seed and got to her initial goal of creating her baby journal book one step at a time. Now when she hears the positive feedback about the journal which recently won the Living Now Bronze Medal and sees the pride her children feel from their mom’s accomplishments, she realizes that all those baby steps were worth taking. And there will be many more as she continues to expand, grow and Bloom her company, Frittabello, to what she dreams it can be.

If want to know more about how Jennifer went from an idea to developing a product, ask a question by commenting below and we’ll be sure to answer.

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One Comment on "Busy Career Mom Creates “My Life” Baby Journal"

  1. Jennifer Covello on Sat, 11th Jul 2009 12:36 pm 

    Thank you for sharing this Barb… I’m still working on the acceptance of “baby steps” in nearly all I do…which you’d think would not be so hard given I’m 5 foot 3!

    I think too, that it’s important to celebrate any and all parts of the process because it is still a win/win. If you have a set back, you have the opportunity to learn a lesson. And if you take a step forward, it’s a celebration.

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