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July 15, 2009 by Barb Scala  
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chrisrinereinsanddsc_1131You Go Girl! is my cheer for Chris Rinere of Gogirlwrapperz because she sprouted a great idea, created a product and planted her Bloom Seed to Make It Happen.

As an avid tennis player and mom-on-the-go, Chris froze every time she had to dash off the court in her tennis skirt and out into the cold outdoors to get the kids or be somewhere on a schedule. “There wasn’t enough time to go into the locker room and get tangled up in sweat pants and sneakers and be where I had to go.”

That’s when Chris thought up the idea of a warm skirt with an easy Velcro closure that she could toss over her tennis duds in a flash. But she didn’t do anything about it until several icy winters later, very cold legs and inspiration from a story about the creator of Jibbitz (you know, those cute charms for Crocs). “If she could make a product out of her basement, grow it organically and gain financial freedom from her idea, then so could I.”

With lots of experience juggling jobs and volunteer work, an eye for style as a certified interior decorator, a background in finance and most importantly a vision, Chris set out to Make It Happen and create her skirt even though she didn’t know how to sew at the time.  On a shoestring budget she was able to pay sewers and pattern makers to create a prototype followed by investing in the basic start-ups for her business: sewing machines, fabric and notions, a website and photography. Now with a partner by her side, each piece is currently cut by hand and sewn in her basement studio as the business grows.

Tech Wrap skirt is a must for summer wear

Tech Wrap skirt is a must for summer wear

I asked Chris how she juggles work, family and the rest of her life. “The great thing about Gogirlwrapperz is that my design studio is in my house so most of the time my kids have complete access to me. I think it’s great for kids to see their parents maintaining their own interests and continuing to pursuing their dreams. And to see the whole process of bringing an idea into a real creation and the hard work it takes to keep believing in a vision. They are my biggest cheerleaders and whenever I have even a small success, they think it’s “so cool!”

I also asked Chris what is her best advise to Make it Happen and Bloom a business and product? “First, you have to visualize where you want to go and focus on that. The vision is important so you can create it in your mind. But then you have to get going with it. Discipline yourself to take one step each day, even if it’s a small step, and create energy to keep going.”

I agree. Once you have birthed an idea, filled in some details and even ironed out a few kinks in your head, that’s when you know you’re ready to Make It Happen and sprout your idea in the real world. Then take small and consistent steps to get going and build momentum. Remember, you definitely won’t have everything figured out, but what you don’t know your determination will find out along the way.

With marketable products for active women and girls and variations on the original skirt theme along with organic T’s, headbands, scarves and beach bags, Gogirlwrapperz will continue to Make it Happen. “It took about 3 years to get my idea off the ground, but once I started believing in myself that I could do it, I was on my way.”

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