Who Knew I Could Bloom!

August 10, 2009 by Barb Scala  
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42-15977462I’d love to share an email I received from a busy mom who started to Bloom in so many ways.

A little background first. Jennifer signed up for a BloomStorming session because she was struggling with a full plate of responsibilities but wished to carve more space in her life for things that really mattered, like volunteering as stage mom at her daughter’s dance recital. She couldn’t understand how to manage everything going on in her life and be available to pitch in back stage. Surrounded by guilt “weeds” for not feeling she was someone who could do it all…career woman working full time, loving wife and the best mom to two small daughters… she was stressed and stuck.

We discussed how she could get over the guilt and make her wish come true
First step was to Be Positive and override negative thoughts of not being able to manage it all. If Jennifer was to make changes in her life, she had to allow herself to let go of being a perfect person and take one step at a time in a positive direction. This would mean that she couldn’t possibly be available to her two children all the time and others could help out with the kids at times so she could focus on what she really wanted to do.  Jennifer was then able to toss around the idea of working dad into the bedtime routine with the baby to free up her time to be at the recital.

After just that one 1-on-1 BloomStorming session, Jennifer recently emailed me with an update ….

“I know it has been a LONG time but I am still “blooming”. It sounds corny but it all started with committing to stage mom which I loved.

At the same time, I was also looking for a second job. Two kids in daycare is expensive plus my brother is getting married next year in Maui. Hence 4 tix to Maui plus wedding expenses, well, you get the idea.

I actually heard you in the back of my head a couple of times when I got discouraged …about finding something I WANTED to do, not something I SHOULD do. I SHOULD have found a more traditional work-from-home job. But I didn’t want to do it. If I was going to spend X hours a week at it, it was going to be something I enjoyed!

After a lot of research and my husband on board, I decided to become an independent consultant for Latasia, a local, family owned company which does fashion jewelry/lingerie via home parties etc. So far I have been very successful and the support system in this company is amazing. I am REALLY enjoying it, even the hard parts…like marketing…yuck!. And somehow I discovered I have a knack for doing a home party and selling this stuff. Which is funny, because I’ve always believed I stink at sales.

Back to stage mom. When I went to sign up my eldest for her summer classes at the studio, the owner was there. I asked if she’d consider doing a jewelry/lingerie party as a fundraiser for the fall or just having a home party. Surprisingly, the answer was yes (to both). Long story short…I then discovered the studio needed more organizing, planning and goal setting. So, .I am not only running the jewelry fundraiser — which has now become a full-fledged mega-party called the Jewels of the Night Gala — but I’m also working with the dance studio to set overall fundraising goals and developing more events. You can only do so many bake sales! And on top of that…getting fabulous promotion and sales for my jewelry business.

I just look back and it just floors me to see one simple commitment to my daughter (and to me) has started a chain of great events that I never would have seen had it not been for our discussion. Plus, the baby is weaned and allows Daddy to put her to bed, as well as our babysitters and my mother!!!

One other thing. I got a haircut…short. I’ve always had long hair because my husband thought I SHOULD. He actually kinda likes it shorter too. And with my new business, I have a FABULOUS and growing jewelry sales wardrobe that the company not only allows but encourages its consultants to wear on a daily basis.

Like I said…sounds totally corny but its totally true. I still need to work on my tendency toward guilt and negativity but I am actually feeling MORE positive now overall than I did before.

Who knew????

Sounds like this bloomer is planting her Bloom Seeds and things are sprouting up all around her.

Check out Jennifer’s Bloom Community listing for Latasia

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One Comment on "Who Knew I Could Bloom!"

  1. Jen Trinidad on Tue, 11th Aug 2009 8:30 am 

    Hello everyone! Yes, this is a true story. Sometimes all we need is an “outsider” to “look in” and give us the kick we need to truly be positive, own our selves and bloom. And by discovering Latasia, I am able to in turn help others develop a new job or more income and get free jewelry and/or an excuse to have a girls night out. Thanks Barb!!!

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