Organize Your Life!

June 10, 2010 by Barb Scala  
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Get a handle on your spaces, time and goals and make space for you.

Guest: Lisa Lelas, professional organizer, author of Simple Steps: 10 Weeks to Getting Control of Your Life and tv host of Simply Organized.

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Pre-recorded / Aired: June 10, 2010

Getting organized not only clears the clutter in your home and office but also in your mind as you make room to bloom! Lisa will amaze you with simple and easy tips and ideas on how to streamline and get things in order so you can start controlling your life instead of life controlling you.

Lisa Lelas

Lisa Lelas

Not just a how-to, we’ll also get to the root of why so many of us feel overwhelmed, out of energy and even stuck , and how organizing your life will help you move forward in so many ways!

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2 Comments on "Organize Your Life!"

  1. sandra cox on Thu, 10th Jun 2010 8:16 am 

    This sounds great-eliminating the
    clutter is one thing, BUT for me
    the more important is what is
    lacking in my life that makes me
    buy things I dont need and dont
    use. Trying to get into conversation
    with others that are also
    challenged seems to put them on
    the defensive. Im looking to grow
    in this sense. Sandy

  2. Barb Scala on Thu, 10th Jun 2010 8:52 am 

    Sandy, Thanks for the comment! We’ll address this on the show today so tune in! You can also listen later when the show podcast is posted right here.

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