BLOG: Make a “Bloom Plan” for the New Year

December 9, 2010 by Barb Scala  
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2011 is right around the corner.  And I want to be ready with a plan for the new year.

With so many ideas swirling in my head, I grabbed a  large sheet of poster paper and marker.  Many people make flow charts, vision boards, graphs and charts, but I have found that a visual “garden” of ideas works well to organize my thoughts and plan ahead.

I started out with a “bloom” statement.  Ironic that mine is a bloom plan about Bloom, but any overall goal, project or dream will do.  Say you want to transition to a new career next year, eat healthier or put your financial life in order. You can make a bloom statement with your particular objectives in mind and post it in the center of a large flower. The petals can be subset goals within the overall plan. For me, revamping my website is a subset “petal” of my bloom statement to inspire people to live an inspired, balanced and healthier (and more natural) life/lifestyle.

What about all of my other ideas….and more dreams? They became my “sprouts” at the bottom and I can have an endless creative supply listed so I don’t forget about them. How can I keep blooming when faced with challenges, low energy or lack of time? My Seeds for Success listed on an upper corner reminds me to be positive, love what I do, organize, own my life and keep moving forward. How am I going to make this plan grow, happen, materialize? With “fertilizer”  to sprinkle in from time to time which I list in the upper right corner. What about things I really need to help my plan grow further, such as a new computer or helping hands? I list these items under my  ”gardening tools” wish list. And we can’t forget about the never-ending To Do list. This I call “sun and water” because these are essential things any plant or plan (hey, just drop the “t”) needs on a daily basis. Here’s where you can go crazy with a laundry list of things to do to get started with your bloom plan, changing it as you tick things off the list and add on new things.

Most people start out with their list of things To Do and get lost and overwhelmed before they even get started. That’s the mistake. Marching orders are really the ending point after the main mission or vision statement is in place. It all starts with a vision and then execution falls into place.

If you don’t have a vision, nothing happens. ~ Christopher Reeve

There! A great visual with my whole plan on one sheet which I taped to my office wall. If your vision is already flushed out in your head, then you can get going with a Bloom Plan too.  If it’s not, this exercise is a start to organize all your mind clutter.

And those of you who would really love get your Bloom Plan out of your head and onto paper but need a bit of help with gaining clarity, focus and formulating clear objectives and goals, I’ll be running a Bloom Plan workshop right after the New Year. Date and time to be announced…stay posted!

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3 Comments on "BLOG: Make a “Bloom Plan” for the New Year"

  1. Hilary Loftus on Thu, 16th Dec 2010 6:45 pm 

    Hi Barb,

    Liked seeing your “Bloom board” on Facebook; checked out your video too - very nice!! I really like what you’ve done w/Bloom; the garden analogy - very unique; it all works. It would be fun to do something like that with sailing :)

    Let me know when your Bloom Planning workshop is - I’d be interested.


  2. Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager on Mon, 3rd Jan 2011 1:16 pm 

    Happy New Year Barb. I was thinking of making a hopes and dreams collage for 2011 when I saw you Bloom Map. Its a great visual for planting seeds and planning for the seasons ahead. Thanks for your incredible (and fun) resources.

    Best wishes,

  3. Barb Scala on Mon, 3rd Jan 2011 1:23 pm 

    Thanks for all of your comments. A Bloom Plan is a great visual which has helped me move forward and has also worked with people who coach with me. Keep adding to it and cross things off that you have accomplished (or things that don’t work). It should be a working, flexible plan for the whole year and beyond. And get support with a Bloom buddy and help each other Bloom all year long!!

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