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January 19, 2011 by Barb Scala  
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CBR002168First step: Organize your time and all that you want to do.

Update from a recent Bloom Party.  After creating a colorful poster filled with visions and goals for her life and career this year, one “bloomer” confessed that she’s easily distracted by all she wants to accomplish and is going to focus on the art of focusing.

After reading her follow-up email to me (see below), it seems that she is starting to tackle her goal of “focusing.” Her Bloom Plan helped her gain clarity on her direction and put order to the constant swirl of ideas and things to do. Now she is focusing on what she needs to focus on …which, of course, is focusing.

Bravo to this bloomer’s tenacity, organization and time management skills and courage to bloom! Here’s her email to me:

“I wanted to tell you about my new time management scheme that’s been working well for me since I made my Bloom Plan and realized that honing my “focusing” skills is what I have to work on to accomplish my projects and personal agenda.

I made 5 columns on a piece of paper and across the top of it I wrote the 5 categories of stuff that demand my time, listed in order of priority. The first column is labeled “Me” and it includes yoga, housework, paperwork, etc. The next column is labeled “Exam” as I am in the process of taking a series of exams for a professional license. The third column is “Business” which is my design work and the forth column is “Studio,” the work coop I’ve formed with design professionals like myself. The last column ~ and I’m trying to make it least! ~ is labeled “Volunteer” and is my work with a non-profit organization I am very passionate about.

Under the appropriate column, I further prioritized stuff from my to-do lists. Now I’m scheduling my days in the same order! I start the day with yoga and studying and end it with my non-profit work. I’m also trying to go to bed earlier, too, so I can get up early enough to have productive mornings. And my priorities are reinforced every time I walk by my Bloom Plan that I made which is posted on my wall.

So far so good and I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

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