Spring Cleaning for Your Body

January 26, 2011 by Barb Scala  
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It’s a change of seasons. Find out about changing your routine to cleanse & detoxify.

Guest: Susan Smith Jones PhD author of  over 25 books on health and wellness including The Joy Factor: 10 Sacred Practices to Radiant Health (forward written by Dr. Wayne Dyer)

Note: Please consult with your doctor or any qualified health professional before using any product, diet or program discussed within these podcasts.

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PART 1 - Podcast: Recorded March 31, 2011 (24 min)

LISTEN on Bloom Talk
PART 2 - Podcast: Recorded March 31, 2011 (22 min)

Anyone who knows me, knows that once a week I go vegan. I eat lighter, a variety of veggies and fruit and lots of water. No sugar, meats or dairy. I feel great after this once a week ritual which tends to keep me on track with my healthy lifestyle. But, I wanted to know more about cleansing and detoxifying, so I asked Dr. Susan Smith Jones if she could fill us in.

“When you look in the mirror are you looking and feeling your best? If not, maybe it’s a time to embark on a detox and rejuvenation program.”

Dr. Susan claims that a detox and rejuvenation cleanse helps prevent the onset of disease. She should know because she also claims not to have had a cold or taken medications in over 25 years!

With her holistic approach to keeping your body in balance, Dr. Susan answers our questions about body cleansing in this two part series. What is a cleanse and detox program?  What to eat and avoid when you are cleansing? Are there other ways to detox? How to start? And don’t miss Part 2 with Susan’s 10 steps to an easy body detox and cleanse program.

Guest Website: www.susansmithjones.com

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