Parts 1 & 2: Sprouting Your Way to Vitality

September 28, 2011 by Barb Scala  
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sproutgardenkitGuest: Dr. Susan Smith Jones author of 27 books on wellness including her latest, Walking on Air: Inside & Out Rejuvenation Makeover.
PART 1 -LISTEN on Bloom Talk
Podcast: Recorded Sept 21, 2011 (19 min)

PART 2-LISTEN on Bloom Talk
Podcast: Recorded Sept 21, 2011 (17 min)

“Sprouts are the most remarkable superfood on the planet,” claims one of favorite guests, Dr. Susan Smith Jones. She knows, she’s been growing and eating them for years and stresses without a doubt, sprouts are the one superfood she recommends over and over again. “Sprouts are natures little miracle because there is no nutrient richer food on earth. ”

Dr. Susan Smith Jones

Dr. Susan Smith Jones

In Part 1 we talk about how easy it is to grow sprouts for pennies and how good they are for you. Part 2 goes over the six reasons to start sprouting nuts, grains and beans to heal the body, lose weight, look younger, have more energy and to help your mind function more clearly. Sprouts are the food of the future!
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