After my complimentary session, there was a part of me that wanted to go forward with the series but another part (and what felt like a bigger part) that totally didn’t want to proceed. Boy, am I glad I did!  You accurately picked up on my readiness and today I am grateful for the gentle push from you to get started “now” rather than “wait for a better time.”
~Linda, on starting the Seeds for Success program

I have worked with other coaches in the past but I have never made as much forward progress in such a short amount of time as I have since I started working with Barb.  She has helped me to see those habit and thought patterns in me that have been obstacles to “blooming my authentic Self.”  Today I am poised to begin writing a new chapter in my life and I truly don’t think I would be here if it wasn’t for Barb coaching me through the process. I look forward to the next series!
~Linda, after completing the Seeds for Success program

Barbara has become a real champion for those who face the realities of a life in transition. At one time or another, everyone faces a moment of truth that forever changes the course of their life. Most see the moment coming but aren’t quite ready to accept the inevitable. Even when it happens, the acceptance factor is hard to get one’s arms around. Barbara helps those she works with discover, or rediscover the positive pieces of their being. She then helps them construct and navigate safe passage through, and to their next great adventure or destination. It’s nice to know there is a resource that can be so easily accessed. Barbara’s book “Sanity Savers” has many outstanding tips for keeping things real, but working with Barbara personally as your guide means revival is in your future.
~Ralph Williams, Business Consultant and Owner - Bottom Line University®

I was so impressed with Barbara’s wide range of knowledge in our BloomStorming Sessions.  Her ability to quickly break down issues and guide me to develop solutions that were easy to implement was  immensely helpful!
~Catherine, Financial Director

As a psychologist who works with people at all stages of life,  I see enormous value when they have the opportunity to work with Barbara Scala.  Her coaching programs and abilities support people personally, professionally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually as they shift their focus and purpose to create personal goals that may have been dormant for so long. Barbara moves them along their path instilling confidence, self assurance and a realistic view of where they have been and where they want to go.
~Dale V. Atkins, Ph.D, Psychologist, Author and Guest Expert on the Today Show

I had been curious about coaching for some time and wanted something more active and goal directed than therapy. I heard about Barbara and her work with transitions, both professionally and personally, and knew she would be a great match for me. She is extremely insightful, supportive and inspiring and has guided me in exploring a new career direction.
~Lisa, Public Relations Consultant

As a mother of two I had not worked in years and needed a clear plan on how to get back into the job market, as well as move my home and family. Barbara’s coaching was invaluable and helped me to help myself in buying a house, transitioning the kids and signing up to take classes towards a whole new career.
~Lisa, Mom-in-Transition

Barbara helped my focus and I felt that she was like a lantern for me lighting the way as I reflected on taking several new paths. She provided comfort and strength at a time when I needed it most.
~Kathi, Office Manager

Barb has a positive energy that is contagious. She also has amazing insight and wit. After attending her workshop I took away many positive ideas about how to change my life which I have started to implement. I also learned how to take charge of my life.
~Rebecca, Former Hedge Fund Marketing Director

My time with Barbara has given me a roadmap out of the wilderness. Instead of being immobilized, I now feel motivated by hope and excitement.
~Elise, PR Specialist

Giving yourself the time to openly reflect and share with a supportive group of women brings your goals in to focus and allows them to move forward one step at a time.
~Cynthia, Mom in Transition

Barb’s workshop helped me to turn my divorce into an opportunity for change and growth.
~Sarah, Corp. Attorney

I had no idea that my problems were really so similar to what other people were going through. Thanks, Barbara for organizing such a well thought-out and enlightening seminar.
~Kathy, Engineer

Barb is so inspiring–really makes you think outside the box.
~Jackie, Mom-in-Transition

After my divorce, I became disenchanted with the dating scene and was feeling uncomfortably alone. Barbara guided me to focus on my freedom and doing things in my life that I would not otherwise do if I had a significant other. I just came back from my 3rd fishing trip to Scotland and feel unfettered and happy, rather than sad that I am not sharing a special moment with a wonderful woman.”
~Fred, CEO

Barb ignites her amazing amount of positive energy in others in her BloomStorming groups.
~Mia, Entreprenuer