Bloom Coach Quiz

ph02037jIs Bloom Coaching for You?

(Answer only those that apply)

1. Are you seeking balance in your life?
2. Are you going through a life transition?
3. Do you seek creative freedom?
4. Do you want to direct your own life instead of life controlling you?
5. Are you seeking a new direction?
6. Do you want to make better decisions?
7. Do you feel stuck and want to get unstuck?
8. Do you want to make a career change but don’t know where to begin?
9. Do you want to stop running ragged?
10. Do you want to improve your relationships?
11. Are you seeking accountability to propel you to your next level?
12. Do you want to have more personal power and a better self image?
13. Do you want to put more meaning in your life?
14. Do you want to get back on track or on a new path altogether?
15. Do you want to reclaim your life and start developing a plan to move forward?
16. Are you ready to discover what you really want to do with your life?
17. Are you ready to Bloom?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, try an Intro BloomStorm Session with Barb Scala!