I have had the pleasure to work with Barbara on several creative ventures. She linked my performance with the goals of the Junior League and produced it at the PepsiCo Theater at Norwalk Community College for a very successful event.  Barb gets things done! She is a fountain of creativity and she puts her ideas into action!
Dale Allen, Principal - Dale Allen Productions, LLC

For as long as I’ve known her, Barbara Scala has been tirelessly helping other women navigate their life transitions. Whether she’s arranging public events, leading workshops, producing a podcast series, or editing her on-line magazine, Barbara brings a keen mind and big heart to the table. She’s down to earth, yet visionary. I’ve been a participant on panels she’s moderated, a guest speaker at workshops & retreats she’s given, and a regular commentator on her podcast. Every time I work with Barbara, I’m impressed by both her preparation and professionalism. Her efforts truly make a difference in women’s lives.”
Prill Boyle, Author & Public Speaker

I have worked with Barbara for several years and continue to find her knowledgeable, supportive, caring and organized. She has the ability to juggle several different projects at the same time; giving full attention and her considerable expertise to each of them. She is a pleasure to work with, considerate of everyone’s individual requests and needs and a role model to me and those others of us who are lucky to be working with her.
C.J. Golden, Writer, Author & Motivational Speaker