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January 19, 2011 by Barb Scala  
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CBR002168First step: Organize your time and all that you want to do.

Update from a recent Bloom Party.  After creating a colorful poster filled with visions and goals for her life and career this year, one “bloomer” confessed that she’s easily distracted by all she wants to accomplish and is going to focus on the art of focusing.

After reading her follow-up email to me (see below), it seems that she is starting to tackle her goal of “focusing.” Her Bloom Plan helped her gain clarity on her direction and put order to the constant swirl of ideas and things to do. Now she is focusing on what she needs to focus on …which, of course, is focusing.

Bravo to this bloomer’s tenacity, organization and time management skills and courage to bloom! Here’s her email to me:

“I wanted to tell you about my new time management scheme that’s been working well for me since I made my Bloom Plan and realized that honing my “focusing” skills is what I have to work on to accomplish my projects and personal agenda.

I made 5 columns on a piece of paper and across the top of it I wrote the 5 categories of stuff that demand my time, listed in order of priority. The first column is labeled “Me” and it includes yoga, housework, paperwork, etc. The next column is labeled “Exam” as I am in the process of taking a series of exams for a professional license. The third column is “Business” which is my design work and the forth column is “Studio,” the work coop I’ve formed with design professionals like myself. The last column ~ and I’m trying to make it least! ~ is labeled “Volunteer” and is my work with a non-profit organization I am very passionate about.

Under the appropriate column, I further prioritized stuff from my to-do lists. Now I’m scheduling my days in the same order! I start the day with yoga and studying and end it with my non-profit work. I’m also trying to go to bed earlier, too, so I can get up early enough to have productive mornings. And my priorities are reinforced every time I walk by my Bloom Plan that I made which is posted on my wall.

So far so good and I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Bloom Party!

January 12, 2011 by Barb Scala  
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Turn a regular day into one bursting with inspiration, ideas, goals, visions and dreams!


Already blooming!

Last Sunday, a group of wonderful women gathered at my home for tea. The invitation read,  “Let’s plant your seeds for success and make a Bloom Plan for the New Year and beyond!” And that’s just what we did.

img_2810I was ready for creative juices to flow! With markers, scissors, hole punchers, scrapbooking paper, glue sticks, crayons and more, we started to create our visions for 2011. In no time at all, posters were filled with exciting ideas and visions. Some were bursting with healthy lifestyle choices, business ideas and personal projects, while others had question marks about which path to follow and what direction to take.


Shhh! Bloom Plans in the works.

All good stuff. The first step is to get your ideas in visual or written form and then you can work on shaping or molding them so they can grow. When what’s up in your head is down on paper, you may realize that your idea is really fabulous or even find out that it won’t work after all. Does it need to be more flexible, is it realistic, does it need to go back to the drawing board or be completely tossed?

It’s about taking the initial step and courage to get your vision out into the world to find out if you can make it happen. Is it a pipe dream? Or can you start moving forward to see where you can go with it?

One more thing. While we were cutting, pasting, laughing and dreaming, worries began to surface. “What will everyone think?” ” What if I’m not smart enough?” “How can I make this dream grow?” “Do I really have what it takes to make changes in my life.”

The "weed" board

The "weed" board

Ahhhh yes. Our weeds.  Those self-sabotagers and even excuses which suffocates our growth. So, I asked everyone to take a moment to tune into their internal dialogue and voluntarily post their negative self talk on a board. One by one, volunteers came up to list their inner fears. Soon the “weed” board was filled. “That’s what we really want to work on. Not many people are void of ideas. It’s our weeds that get in the way … and when we let them take over, our goals, visions and dreams are often put on hold, changed to someone else’s vision or completely abandoned. ”

Tea sandies - gluten free!

Tea sandies - gluten free!

So, how do you grow your Bloom Plan this year? Start by recording your plan on paper and then work on weeding fears, sabotagers and worries.  Continually plant the five Seeds for Success into your daily life and always fertilize by getting the support and resources to help you keep going.

I wish you all a blooming 2011!!

I would love to meet you and your friends and get everyone blooming! Contact me if you would like to host a Bloom Party.


TV: Barb on CT Style making a Bloom Plan

Making a Bloom Plan on CT Style

January 3, 2011 by Barb Scala  
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screen-shot-2011-01-03-at-25420-pmGrow your goals, visions and dreams in 2011! How? With a Bloom Plan!!

78% of us do not have success with our New Year’s resolutions. Barb tells us why good intentions fail and how to set yourself up for success to grow a healthy lifestyle, launch a business idea or get going with other goals on your list.

Find out her Seeds for Success formula so you can make your Bloom Plan for a productive, fulfilling and energizing year!

Bloom with Barb: wtnh.com

WORKSHOP: Make a Bloom Plan - Jan 13th, Guilford CT