Green Really is Good: John Shegerian, Eco-preneur

August 17, 2010 by Barb Scala  
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John Shegerian

John Shegerian

Most good entrepreneurs find a way to make a business successful against the odds.  John Shegerian has managed to do this multiple times in multiple industries – and has managed to infuse each business with a mission to better society, the environment or both!

John is currently the Chairman and CEO of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), an Electronic Waste collector and recycler, specializing in the environmentally safe and socially responsible dismantling of electronic items such as computers, televisions and monitors. Under Shegerian’s stewardship, ERI has fast become the Number One recycler of electronic waste in North America!

With ERI, John is realizing the dream of not only leading a green business, but a business that makes dramatic strides in helping the community.  By hiring rehabilitated, formerly incarcerated individuals, John and ERI don’t just lead the nation in recycling electronics – they lead the effort in recycling lives!

John has a remarkable 25 year track record in business. One of his most successful businesses was – a site that enabled college bound students an increased opportunity to achieve scholarships to help fund tuition - and he was recently appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to serve on the Governor’s Gang Advisory Committee, focused on providing the Californie’s top legislators with guidance pertaining to policies geared toward the reduction of gang and youth violence.

And of course there is John’s “Green is Good” mantra.  Passionately espousing the notion that sustainability and environmental responsibility can be good for business,  John is also the creator and host of the “Green is Good” radio show on Clear Channel (, the top rated green-themed radio program in the United States.

With ERI, John practices what he preaches as well.  ERI is a totally green organization – from the fleet of hybrid vehicles used by the sales team to the electric forklifts used on the shop floor to the methodology used to recycle the hundreds of tons of electronic waste that pass through the company’s doors.  Even the furniture used in house is made from recycled materials.

John is also the founder of, which provides nationwide outreach to help users find recycling locations nearest to them (every zip code in the country is covered) for whatever it is they wish to recycle.  Through its iPod App, website and 1-800-Recycling phone service, users are directed to responsible recyclers of electronics, tires, oil, paint, glass, plastic, wood, mattresses, carpet, junk – almost anything that can be recycled.

Driven by his commitment to innovate and develop companies that benefit and inspire others and are socially responsible, John is a success story on multiple levels and an inspiration to all those in business who wish to succeed while benefiting the planet and the people who live on it!

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