Who’s Blooming: Completing the Circle of Adoption

screen-shot-2010-04-27-at-111039-pmIt was summer, and a young Mary Beth Wells, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, whom she silently and privately named Kimberly Caryn. It was her struggle to relinquish this baby to parents who could provide a home with love and stability. It remains the most painful decision of her life, to love this child enough to place her with a family who would raise her to be their own.

Years later, Mary Beth found her birth daughter and began to have a relationship with her. Part one of the healing had occurred. Her prayers were answered, yet again, when she became the mother to Sophia whom she adopted from Guatemala. At last, she had two daughters- the circle of adoption to adoption was complete.

It was now time to realize another dream - to give birth again, this time to a company that could bring precious dolls into loving homes. She knew, in her heart, that the Precious Baby Doll Company could help tell the stories of babies adopted all over the world, babies that now lived in America with their new families.

Precious Baby Doll Company’s mission to create a loving home for wonderful baby dolls through “adoption.” It was the dream of Mary Beth who experienced first-hand the pain of relinquishing a baby for adoption and the joy of becoming a mother to an adopted daughter. It was her vision to establish a company that would realize the story behind every adoption and breathe life into each by creating stories that celebrated the joy of finally bringing the baby home.

The dolls and their stories help any child learn the gift of adoption. Each doll comes with a book that tells the story about their country of birth and the love that brought them to a new world. The books that accompany these dolls tell the story of the journey that brought them home - these are stories of love with arms outstretched in two directions, one giving and one receiving. The stories of the first doll fondly named Kimberly Caryn from America, Sophia Allesandra from Guatemala, Katya Irina from Russia and Li Ming from China, tell how the children were wanted for such a long time and the supreme happiness in finally bringing these babies home to forever live with their new families.

By having the courage to heal, love again and shower joy to so many adoptive families and children through her dolls,┬áMary Beth Wells is someone who has truly “bloomed”!

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