Lessons from Pretty Smart Women

April 1, 2010 by Barb Scala  
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penny-pearlman1If being smart isn’t enough to guarantee success and achieve your dreams, then what is?

Guest: Penny Pearlman, author of Pretty Smart: Lessons from Our Miss Americas
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Aired: Thursday, April 8, 2010

In her book, Penny Pearlman extracts lessons of what it takes to be a “winner” contained in the stories of  twenty-two former Miss Americas including Lee Meriwether, Mary Ann Mobley, Phyllis George and Gretchen Carlson, who turn out to be not just pretty, but pretty smart.

Through their stories, we’ll explore how any woman can overcome obstacles and move past limiting beliefs and achieve success, personally and professionally.  Also, we’ll talk about what it takes to pursue a dream to create a life filled with soul satisfaction and why being smart isn’t all it takes to guarantee success.

If you have a deep desire to live your life on purpose, to work at what you love and follow your own road, Penny and I will tap into the tips and techniques contained in her “lessons” to help you make an exciting and enriching journey to a life you truly love.

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